FizzYcal do a monthly walk across London where you meet the group, go for breakfast together, embark on the first leg of the walk until lunch. Stop off for lunch and then continue the second leg to dinner. This walk can easily take you at least 10-15 miles across London so fitness is always the backbone of what FizzYcal is about but it is a easy relaxed walk. And you can do the first leg, second leg or both.

A rainy start to the day on a Sunday in July was how this event started. All the people who turned up donned their FizzYcal tees, vests or sweatshirts. It was cool and great that the weather didn’t put the group off. We were handed our goodie bags that contained a lovely mix of tasty, healthy snacks and drinks to enjoy along the walk. Breakfast in Marylebone was great and then thankfully the sun came out.

The walk along the canal was more than I could ask for. Had never viewed London that way. Met fantastic people, had laughs and jokes, political and spiritual conversations and great food was incorporated. Couldn’t ask for more.

Meet and Two Leg is a monthly event held by FizzYcal who document fitness cultures. If you want to get involved in the next event, email us or visit the FizzYcal on Facebook and enquire.