The bit about who we are…

United80 was opened back in 2010 out of a love for music, art and fashion. We are now the home of several independent brands and artists that reflect black culture, underground London culture and other major cities around the world. The store was a cultural and creative hub based in Brixton and had established itself as a place that supports and showcases many independent brands. We closed our doors in Brixton in January 2020 and launched United80 NOMAD in March 2020 as a pop-up shop experience, which we will take around the world.

We work with new brands to launch new collections, art exhibitions and cultural events, to show the world that creating a business or career through your art is possible and viable.

Our story

My name is Samantha-Jane and I’m a self taught fashion designer, creative director of  fashion brand GeoD by Samantha-J and Owner of United80.

United80 is a concept store that was born out of a love for art, music and fashion. These different forms of expression are the pillars of what United80 is, and what it stands for.

Culture and art weaves the tapestry of who we are, where we’ve been and where we’re going. Through growing the brand of United80 we want to make as many people as possible aware of our stamp on history, and doing it together is at the heart of that story.

It started in July 2010 when myself and a couple of friends took the opportunity to collaborate and form a small shop in Brixton. We didn’t have any investment or huge plans, just a desire of having a dedicated space for what we do. But we knew that coming together to run a shop would aid our potential success.

Through focusing on stylish and high quality products, United80 has been able to grow and become a home for independent brands to flourish. We’ve built and fostered a community of like minded people who love that the shop represents the culture of the African diasporan experience and London culture rolled into one.

Over the years, we have hosted cultural events, guest deejays, live band performances, fashion shows, trunk shows, art exhibitions and topical forums in-store, with the sole purpose to build awareness of, and a platform for the things we love. United80 has established itself as the “go to place” for this style of contemporary culture in London and having had our home in Brixton had great historical and contextual foundation that underlies what we do.

It was so important to have a hub for our brand. This is where relationships have been built with customers and artists alike. Having a place to convene and share common interests, see and feel the beautiful products that have been crafted and support independent art, giving more artists to chance to benefit on a real business level and give them the platform to grow their respective brands and careers. We will continue to do so through our United80 NOMAD Pop-Up Shop concept.

We ran a crowdfunder campaign in April 2017 to raise funds and most importantly awareness of what we do. To secure and execute plans for longevity, and to boost its growth on the worldwide platform as a lifestyle brand.  To continue to support great artists, working in collaboration with them to make homeware, art and apparel that is exclusive to United80. Finally, to have a fully functioning website and and webstore so people can engage in the lifestyle and buy the art wherever they are.

So here we are.

Welcome to our online store that features items exclusively produced for and made by United80.